Monthly Archives: July 2008

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Brian Campbell

Little Campbell’s due date was last Friday but he wanted to wait a couple of days before arriving. Jessica woke up early Sunday morning realizing that her water finally broke.

Joey rushed her to the hospital to begin the wonderful process of pushing a baby out into this world. It was ‘wonderful’, right Jess. giggle giggle.

Introducing little Brian Campbell.

7 lbs. 2ozs, 20 inches, July 27th, 9:17pm

A brand spanking new mommy.

A little Daddy love. Look how small the little pumpkin is.

Joey changing Campbell’s diaper for the very first time. It was pretty funny ’cause in the process of the change, Campbell decided he wasn’t done yet. Joey did great. Calm, cool and collective.


More Campbell goodness.

Congratulations you two.

I can’t wait to hear all kind of cute little Campbell stories from his proud mommy.

The M Family

So the day after Jamie Claire’s birthday, we packed up her family and headed to Piedmont Park for some fun family shots.

I love this shots because of the skyline!  And no, Daddy’s tummy is not that big.  If you look closely, Jamie has her foot stuck in his shirt and is poking it out.  I need a photoshop expert to help me out so I can give Jeff the washboard tummy that is really underneath that shirt.

Sometimes you get very happy accidents.  I was begging Jack to run towards me so I could get the shot, but he ran straight down the hill towards his Daddy, going as fast he could.  I aimed and clicked.  I got it!  One of my new favorites.

Steph and her little man.

Jeff and his little girl.

Jamie Claire’s Birthday Slideshow

The much anticipated slideshow is ready.

See below or click here for the full screen version.

Rosemary Beach

I got to spend yesterday with two of the cutest little cousins.  They were vacationing and wanted some fun shots at beautiful Rosemary Beach.

Here is little Laurie and Jackson!

Sweet Jackson.

Jackson’s mommy and daddy.

I almost got this hand standing thing figured out.

Little Laurie

I have my ‘Ugly Betty’ and everything is right with the world.

Don’t hate me ’cause I’m beautiful.

One last shot with the whole gang.