Monthly Archives: June 2008

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Sara & Dave

Sara and Dave tied the knot at the Ribault Club in Jacksonville.  Congratulations and have fun in Hawaii.

Slideshow of the wedding will be up on Thursday!

The beautiful cake.

This shot makes me want a cigarette and I don’t even smoke.  Sexy.

See the guy on the right smiling.  That’s Joel, the best man.  I said “Give me attitude” and he gives me all smiles.  He also caught the garter, ladies.

“Every dog has his day.”

Taylor, the flower girl, could not be any cuter.

Beautiful Sara.

Love it when the onlookers heckle the bride.  You get great reactions.

They already look like they are in Hawaii!

There was a bride and groom dance off at the reception.  All I can say is wow, wow and wow.  These two know how to move.  There is nothing sexier than a man that knows how to dance!

Lauren & Danny

“Danny loves biking and I love Danny”.

That was Lauren’s response when I asked how she started biking. Too sweet! All I can say is she has great legs.

They don’t just love it, they are gung-ho about it. They will be doing some crazy bike ride across Iowa with 10,000 other people. If I remember correctly, they will be going from the Missouri River to the Mississippi River which should take them six days.

Someone needs to do a reality show on this.

Lauren states this is how they normally ride. She behind Danny. Think this is called ‘drafting’.

Jessica and Joey

Any day now, Jess is going to pop and no more late nights out at the bars.

I am so glad Joey made an honest woman out of her.

They also brought their first baby, Bella to the shoot.

Yep.  Looks like the fairy came.

It’s Super Bella!

Lee’s Headshots

Lee likes to stay busy.  She is a makeup artist for Bobbi Brown.  A life coach.  And will be getting her Masters in Communications.

All she needed was some head shots.  Check.