Monthly Archives: April 2008

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Alyson & Todd

Here are a few shots from Alyson and Todd’s wedding this past Saturday in beautiful Sarasota!

Wanted to get these out before the happy couple boarded the plane to Hawaii. Happy honeymoon!

Slideshow of the wedding will be up on Friday.

Jack & Katie

I discovered today that the best way to get two energetic, happy kids to pose for the camera… place them in a tree where they have to concentrate on balancing themselves!

Jessie and Cooper

Jessie had long hair up till Tuesday. For summer she wanted her hair short. And it looks gorgeous. It really frames her face and makes her eyes look even bigger.

Cooper is getting so big! He is 14 months.

One of my favorite from the shoot.

After all the fun, it was time for more fun. Cooper’s dad is doing something funny to the side.

And one of these chocolate covered loves belongs to me.

Melody and Billy’s Enagement Session

Met up with Melody and Billy on the Ortega Bridge in Jacksonville for their engagement session.

Love this shot!

Can you guess what month they will be married in from this picture?

Melody is America’s Next Top Model and Billy is… being Billy.

I am so glad they brought Remmy.

When Billy proposed to Melody, Remmy came running up with a box, that contained the ring, around his neck.