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Father Daughter Dance

Roxanne wanted to go to the dance tonight but with one stipulation, ” No dresses!”. I sadly agreed.

I was thinking that finally, one of the many dresses in her closest was going to have a little fun night out.


But how I love her rocking style and her confidence. My Roxy Rox, my nutter butter.


Happy Halloween!

It was a fun night of excited kids, lots of candy and when kids not looking, eating all the Nerds.

In case you don’t recognize me, I’m the Hottie on the far left.  :)


Sweet sadness of summer ending.

We spent our childhood summers in a tree house constructed in an old Chinaberry tree.

When the hot days would bring in strong winds and afternoon showers, that tree house was the place to be.

Pink Depression Glass

It all started with a pink depression glass bowl I found at my parent’s house last year. Only one.

I cleaned it and lovingly put away. Not ready to deal with the fact that both Daddy and Janie were gone.

This past week I came across it again and the sorrow was replaced with happy memories.

Memories of excitement cause it was ‘Janie Slop’ dinner night. It was our favorite soup. Memories of four dirty, sweaty kids running with happiness to meet daddy’s car as he pulled in the dusty driveway after a long day at work.

That’s how my pink depression glass obsession started…