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Three years ago, Biggie was abandoned at the animal shelter.
Left in a box on the doorsteps.

He was there so long that he had a bloody face from using it to push up against the cardboard while trying to escape.
But his princess arrived to rescue him and make up for all the unloved moments.

Biggie is turning the big 14 at the end of March!

Happy Birthday little Biggie.

The Twisty Misty

Roxanne was the perfect hair model today for the Twisty Misty signature upstyle by Laura J. Artistry.

Getting this little camo wearing, tree climbing tomboy in a dress is a big deal.  It took a couple of chocolate cupcakes to persuade Roxy Rox, but oh so worth it.

I love this nutter butter!

I figured since she was looking all sweet and angelic, might as well get her to model one of our wrought iron chandeliers from our sister company, Terri Smith Details.  


Last night, I entered four images in the Professional Photographers Guild Meeting.  Two images won in their category.

Amanda and Tom’s wedding at Mission San Luis won for Social Function.


And this image of the Mahaffey Theater in St. Petersburg, FL won in Commercial.



Father Daughter Dance

Roxanne wanted to go to the dance tonight but with one stipulation, ” No dresses!”. I sadly agreed.

I was thinking that finally, one of the many dresses in her closest was going to have a little fun night out.


But how I love her rocking style and her confidence. My Roxy Rox, my nutter butter.