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The P Family

Lilly Jane and Kent are welcoming a little brother into their beautiful world.  Mom has a name picked out but keeping it hush hush until he is here.

Can’t wait to know the name.  I pick ‘Rocky’.

Nothing like a pink cast to make you tough and cute at the same time.

And her best friend Cara was in town for some girl fun.  Pedicures here they come.

Andrew, Jarrod and Wesley

Triplets!  And they are all boys.

In order of their birth appearance…

Andrew, the comedian of the bunch.

Jarrod, he is a lover and gave me a hug everytime I asked for one.

Wesley,  also known as Mr. Independent.

It’s hard trying to get a two year old to stay still for just a second.  And a lot harder to try to do it with three of them.

With the help of mom, dad and Maria, we were able to put them in one place and run to get out of the shots.

I got a lot of shots like this.  Which I really like ths one.

Jarrod closest to the camera, Andrew in the middle and Wesley in the back.

Sometimes you just gotta get mom and dad to hold them!

Not sure how this happened.  Everyone looking at the camera!

I am sure their house is full of love and a little chaos!  What fun.

Happy Easter

Easter was full of food, chaos and FUN!

Steph brought Jack and Jamie Claire down to spend the weekend eating, playing and more eating.

Friday night, we dressed our girls in pink ballerina outfits for their photo shoot.  (outfits are from Target, $10!)

Just like their mommies, one is usually grumpy.

But we get over it pretty fast.

Jack was part of the fun too, however he refused to put on a tutu.

T. Rex was living the high life at Universal Studio with theme park obsessed Aunt.  Lucky boy.

Collin and Chandler

Big brother Collin is always on the go, running and running.  Pretty soon, Chandler will be able to race right behind him and mom and dad will be living with two track stars.

I think a treadmill will be a wise investment.

I was able to get sweet Collin to sit for an itty bitty minute before it was time to explore again.  Look at these huggable smiles.

I got lots of pictures of Chandler smiling in her Daddy’s arms but I just love the sweetness of this image.  ahhhhh.

Looks like Collin is going to be as tall as Dad.

The family.