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Daxtyn’s Memory Shot

Happy New Year and I Am Back!

Kinda sorta back.  This mommy has had a mini mommy makeover this week.  Something I have had in the works for about a year now and finally got up the nerves  to do it.  This mommy is very scared of needles.  :)

During this down time, my friends and clients showed their support and it has been amazing and humbling.

So I only have one New Year’s Resolution this year and I am going to stick with it…


All the hand holding and little emails of checking up on me is just another reminder of how good I have it.  Thank you!

And I felt good enough to pick up the camera this morning to get a pic of Roxy Rox’s rocking outfit.  She dresses herself every morning.

Right now she is going through her Betsey Johnson state.  Pink and ecclectic.

I am so in love with this little girl and her big chunky cheeks.

Benjamin’s Memory Shot

The Triplets’ Memory Shots