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Elizabeth Isabella

She showed up early morning on November 4th with pouty lips and head full of hair.

Weighing in at 8.2 lbs and 19.5 inches on her birthday.

Already the apple of mommy’s eyes.  No persuading could get mom to leave her with me.

I purchased the little teddy bear ears to use on newborns.  Just thought maybe it would fit Elizabeth.  Nope.

Kamryn Saige

She waited a little past her due date to make her grand entrance.  She showed up all pink and ready to dance.

Congratulations to Mom and Dad.  Your house will always be full of love… and dirty diapers for a couple of years!

Mollie and Adalynn

This says it all.

They showed up on Thanksgiving day.  Mom was very thankful to finally be off of bed rest and to have two healthy little girls.

I think this is Mollie.  I know that little Adalynn is 4 pounds bigger than Mollie but I can only tell them apart when they are right next to each other.

And if I am right about the above picture, than this is little Adalynn.

Guess who wears a lot of camo in this family.  Dad is hoping one of them will favor after his fashion sense.

Saving the best for last.  Mollie is the one awake and Adalynn is the one snoozing away.

Tallahassee Twins Photographer

Owen’s Nautical Nursery

His first Thanksgiving and he is pooped.  Full of kisses and snuggling from his enamored family.

So while he is snoozing away, lets check out his room.  Dad made this cool, I guess it’s called a compass.

I know another little boy that has one almost like this vintage book shelf.

Paper ship collection courtesy of Dad.

Pictures of the grandparents in the portholes.