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Alden and Carson’s First Birthday!

Alden and Carson’s  Independence Day was one year ago on July 4th!

So this past Sunday everyone arrived to have a little fun with them to celebrate their first birthday.

Lots of swimming, giggling and sugar!  They waited a whole year to have sugar and it came in the form of creamy cake frosting.  Yummy.

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Hadley, Carson and Reese’s 1st Birthday!

Three beautiful babies celebrated their first birthday this weekend with lots of kisses, hugs and frosting!

In order of birth appearance.

Hadley.  First one out and ready to give this world a run for it’s money.

Carson.  The second to say “Hello World”.  She has a touch of tomboy but still knows how to strut her stuff like a lady.

Reese.  Showed up last and weighed the least.  Not anymore.  He got both sisters beat in the weight department.  He is thoughtful and precise.  Mom and Dad thinks he will grow up to be a Cardiac Surgeon.

BUSTED!  Avery, put it back.  “I am getting it for Daddy” is not going to work with a pro like me.

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Jack Walker’s Birthday Invitation

Bryce & Casey’s Birthday Party

The boys turned nine and celebrated with a Fear Factor birthday party hosted by mom and dad.

Friends and family showed up to show that “Fear is not a factor!”

They enjoyed dog food, dog vomit, ate live worms, look for gum in poopie diapers, walked on glass, walked the plank, had a race while carrying pig parts with their mouth and some parents were even able to earn points for their kids by eating chocolate covered crickets imported all the way from Japan.  Brave souls they are.

And to end the festivities, ‘Poop’ Birthday cake was enjoyed by all.  Even the photographer had a scoop and I must say, it was quite moist and delicious!.  lol.

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The birthday boys.

Team Bryce.

Team Casey.