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Unless you love…

“Unless you love, your life will flash by.”  ~from the movie The Tree of Life

Olivia Claire

She’s leaving the nest for college and headed straight to Gator country this August.  Her sister attends Florida State.

Mom and Dad are going to have fun this coming football season.  :)


Remember the crew team member I was stalking on Lake Hall about three weeks ago.  Well here she is out of the water and all dressed up in her Lily dress.

Her friend Robbie, who also does Crew, came out to make her laugh and get some shots in too.  He brought his cowboy hat out which is one of the best props.

Love the look on her face.  Sort of “Not buying what you’re selling”.

Robbie also did a couple of Zoolander, Blue Steel poses for me just for fun.  But I am going to post a great smile one just for his mom.


Friday morning, I headed out to Lake Hall to capture some candids of Caroline during her Crew practice.  The best part was, she was not expecting me to catch a ride on a john boat so I could get up close to the action.

See how surprised she is.  lol.

The name of the boat is a term used by fishermen.  When a whale is caught, sometimes it pulls the boat and the crew for a ride.  The boat can even go under water.


Caroline and sis, Olivia.