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Cristian Andres’s Nursery

The room was all ready when he arrived right after Thanksgiving.  Pefectly coordinated by mom and dad.  They were sure to throw some green in their since it is Dad’s favorite color.

Mia’s Nursery

Little Mia’s room was painted and decorated with love by both her parents.

Mom is represented by all things pink and soft and Dad would be represented by all things soccer!  Yep, Dad is a huge soccer fan so little Mia is going to grow up kicking the ‘football’ around.

Bedding from Pottery Barn.

The little glass bear belonged to Mia’s mommy when she was a baby.  The heart is her birthstone.

I love checking out the closet.  I found this dress and in love with it.  I need this in Roxy’s size.

Madeleine’s Nursery

She dreams in yellow, pink and green.  The colors of her nursery.

Let’s take a tour.

The crib came from Pottery Barn and has the padded sides.  Madeleine’s mommy used the talents of Nana Boo to change the piping from blue to green.

The bedding from Land of Nod.

The chair is big and comfy (Stylehouse) and it rocks.  The mobile from Pottery Barn.

The duck piggy bank is from Tiffany’s.  Madeleine can start saving up for her first Tiffany piece!

Laurel Grace’s Nursery

Her Mommy and Daddy moved to Tallahassee two months ago and mom went into full nesting mode to have Laurel Grace’s room finished before her arrival.

The tree and bird is a decal that came from Kohls.  The brown rocking chair was a Craigslist find.  Super comfy.

The bedding and mobile from Banana Fish.

The floating corner shelf from Home Depot.

The dress belonged to her mommy.

The dresser is amazing.  Mommy called weekly to see when it would go on sale.  Two days before the move to Tallahassee it was all hers!

The cool lamp from TJ Maxx.