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I love this family.

I love that after many years they were blessed with triplets.
I love that they love their big sister.
I love that I was there to see dad’s excitement, joy and a little tinge of fear the day he got the phone call that his babies were on their way… NOW!

Dev, Raaz and Maya

The triplets will be ONE this coming Sunday!

Kelli and I were lucky enough to be with their Daddy when he got the call that Mom was at the hospital and getting ready to deliver.

The look of excitement on his face was enough to let me know, these nutter butters were so wanted.


Almost two years old!

Little Tucker loves anything to do with trucks.  Climbing on them, playing with them and making noises like them.

Full of energy and cannot be stopped.


Meet Bagel!  A rescued puppy from Last Hope Rescue.

Adopted two weeks ago and already fitting in quite nicely.  He is loved and spoiled.

Rachel wanted to surprise Mike for Valentine’s Day with some adorable pics of their fur baby.