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Sara Noel & Corbett | Sawano Country Club

“Lifes a beach and I’m just playing in the sand.”
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Katie & Chris | Mission San Luis

Katie was moving Labor Day weekend of 2014 down to South Florida, where Chris had already relocated. Chris flew to Tallahassee to ride back with his lovely Katie.

That Thursday, the day he arrived, he wanted to plan a nice dinner at Cypress. Katie didn’t think anything of it, and obviously had no objection. He proposed at the end of dinner, over dessert but that was not the end. After dinner the two went to the Wine Loft where Chris had arranged for all of Katie’s close friends and family were waiting to celebrate!

Wedding Dress:  Vocelle’s
Florist:  Missy Gunnels
Rentals:  University Center
Cake:  Publix
Caterer:  University Center Club
Makeup:  Lydia Fillmon
Entertainment:  Amplify Entertainment
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Nancy & Quentin | The Retreat at Bradley’s

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Kayleigh & Gareth | Savannah, GA

Ceremony:  Whitefield Chapel at Bethesda

Reception:  Savannah Station

Wedding Planner:  Gray Harper Event Maker

Wedding Dress:  Vocelles | The Bridal Shoppe

Florist:  Gray Harper Event Maker

Rentals:  Savannah Special Events by Ranco

Cake:  A Squad Bake Shop

Caterer:  Thrive

Entertainment:  Velvet Caravan

First Dance Song:  “You’re the One That I Want” by Julia Stone

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