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Maggie & Lana | Goodwood Museum and Gardens

Maggie was happily settled in Greenville in her new home.
Mail would arrive every day for the previous owner, a gentleman by the name of Lana.  Piles on piles of letters arrived.
One day Maggie’s friend came over and noticed the mountain of mail and realized she knew the recipient of the letters.  They belong to Lana, an acquaintance.
And she immediately set it up where the two would meet.
Maggie delivered Lana’s mail to him with a smile that he could not resist.  Love.

Wedding Dress:  Le Spose de Gio Ballgown

Rentals:  Terri Smith Details & John Gandy Events

Florist: Hilly Fields

Cake: Sandy Stone

Makeup: Jamee Wright

Bartender: On the Rocks

Entertainment: The Rhythm Aces

First Dance Song: “That’s How Strong My Love Is” by Otis Redding

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Michelle & Matt | White Dog Plantation

Michelle had just graduated college at UWF in December 2014 and Matt had moved away from Pensacola to Omaha, Nebraska.

Michelle braved the cold and went to visit him the end of December for New Years.

The two went to a park in the middle of downtown Omaha to see the magical Christmas lights.

As they were standing on a snow covered bridge above a frozen lake, Matt popped the question and his Michelle said yes!

Wedding Dress: Rhylan Lang Bridal Salon

Florist: A Touch of Class Florist

Caterer & Cake: Katie’s Cakes and Catering

Makeup: Leah Vickerman

Bartender: Lisa’s Bartenders

Entertainment: Nick Bragg Events

First Dance Song: “Thinking Out Loud” by Ed Sheeran

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Susana & Hunter | Shiloh Farm Church and Barn

Susana and Hunter first met in Grenada Beach by luck. Susana was swimming in the ocean while Lucky, her dog, was playing in the sand. Hunter just so happen to be on vacation during this time in Grenada as well.

While he was walking on the beach, Lucky ran off to approached Hunter so he would play ball with him. Susana immediately got out of the water to get her dog to see if Lucky was bothering him. The two couldn’t resist talking with each other and playing with Lucky by their side the whole time – even down the aisle as they said “I do!”


Wedding Coordinator: Dent Ward

Wedding Dress: White Weddings

Cake: Katie’s cakes

Caterer: Cruton & Co.

Entertainment: Eppes Entertainment

First Dance Song: “Lucky” by Jason Mraz

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Willette & Warren | Women’s Club of Tallahassee, FL

Florist:  Posh Stems

Videographer:  Unique Video Creations

Caterer:  Earley’s Kitchen

DJ:  DJ Rrane

Bartender:  Drinks On Me

Photo Booth:  Jim Eppes Entertainment

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